Professional Development


Why use Clearlogic ?

Clearlogic’s professional, certified trainers create a comfortable learning environment that encourages participation, creative thinking and engagement. Our staff includes people who are certified in adult education and teaching, and who deliver courses at college, university and executive management levels across Canada. They can develop customized learning packages that specifically address the objectives you want your participants to achieve. and they’ll present the material in an interactive and interesting manner.


Five reasons to consider a Clearlogic trainer

1.  Twenty years of experience

We’ve been developing and delivering professional development services to organizations, businesses and post-secondary institutions across Canada for over twenty years,
2.  Credibility Our trainers are not only experienced in the sectors they teach, but also have the academic credentials to back them up – they all have either Master’s degrees or PhDs. That means your participants get the benefit of trainers who have an in-depth knowledge of the material, as well as practical experience in applying it in the real world.
3.  We build engagement We use a variety of established adult education strategies to encourage participation. We respect people’s boundaries, but we also recognize that individuals learn better by getting involved. We make every effort to provide different opportunities for participants to engage more fully in the learning process than simply “sitting and listening.”
4.  You get a tailored process

Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all, but is tailored to your specific needs and audience. We never use canned training materials. All of our courses are tailored to your objectives.
5.  Excellent references

We’d be pleased to show you course evaluations from past courses. We consistently score highly across categories of instructor knowledge, presentation style, course content, course applicability and efforts to engage participation. Over 95% of respondents say they would recommend our course to others.




Why choose Clearlogic?


We provide an independent and honest perspective.


We don’t just give you opinions. Our recommendations are based on extensive research and in-depth analysis.


We have exceptional credentials in management, public administration, education and project management. We’ve worked for (and in) government, non-profits and private sector firms across Canada; our experience helps us understand your unique needs.



The research Clearlogic did for us helped us prepare for successful negotiations with important rights holders in our area. – Dumas Mining

They have an excellent understanding of the challenges of non-profit organizations, and they helped us move from an unsustainable financial position to one that is profitable and thriving. –Timmins YMCA

I would not hesitate to recommend Clearlogic to assist you with change management implementation and human resource services. – City of Kenora

This company has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of its communication, performance and project management. – The City of Timmins

Our Board and the staff here have been consistently impressed with the outcomes of their work. –Community Living Temiskaming South