The Clearlogic Advantage: Details


1. We don’t skimp on Implementation

Before we became consultants, we held various jobs “in the field” where we hired consultants to help us with different projects. As former clients, we know that the implementation phase of a consulting project is often the most challenging part. We focus on the practicalities of implementation as soon as we get a feel for the solutions and recommendations for your project. If we think that a recommendation is beyond your current ability to achieve, or we can’t figure out a way to execute it, we’ll talk to you about moving in another direction. We know that a pretty report and a nice model aren’t much good if they aren’t practical, or if they don’t come with a means of execution and evaluation.



2. Our team has exceptional professional and educational credentials.

Project Management: We pride ourselves on our ability to manage projects within the scheduled time frame and allocated budget. Our certified Project Management Professional (PMP) keeps us on track.

Management Consulting: Two of our team members have full MBA’s and the third has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA), so whether you’re looking for organizational development assistance in the private or public sector, we’ve got you covered.

Research: If you need high-level research, one of our members is just completing a PhD in Management at Queen’s University. Whether you need a research method, a statistically valid study or training in qualitative interview techniques, we can help..

Human Resources Consulting: We have a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) on our team to help you with staff management, recruiting and development issues.

Training and Facilitation: You don’t need to worry about boring Powerpoint presentations or training sessions with our team. We’re certified professional trainers and adult educators (one of whom has a Bachelor of Education) and we stay up-to-date on adult training techniques, learning styles and related developments.One of the most common compliments we hear at our sessions is “That was great, and it went by so fast!”



3. We focus on knowledge transfer so you can move forward and continue to build on the solution.

Your success is our success. Part of our approach to consulting involves building capacity in your organization. When we finish a project, we try to leave you with as much information as possible so that you can carry on confidently and effectively without us. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



4. We provide research-based recommendations that you can trust.

We pride ourselves on the depth of research and analysis we can provide. When we develop a report for you, we fully reference all of the facts, statistics, best practices, case studies and other documentation that informs our recommendations. We do this for two reasons: first, we want to reassure you that we’ve conducted thorough, objective research on your behalf; and second, we want to provide you with additional resources to go for more information.



5. We offer statistically-valid measures and studies.

If you’d like to establish a baseline for measuring the impact of an organizational change or new project, we can help. In many cases, we can develop an evaluation method that is statistically valid  and uses established tools and measures so that you can have confidence in the results.



6. We walk the talk on stakeholder communications.

As experienced project managers, we know the critical importance of communication. New projects often mean that some kind of change will be afoot, and communication is key to effective change management. When we take on a new project, we always confirm an appropriate communications and engagement strategy with the our client. On some projects, we even develop websites or blogs. We can also create regular newsletters that outline the progress to date, and that you can distribute to your stakeholders to keep them in the loop.

Why choose Clearlogic?


We provide an independent and honest perspective.


We don’t just give you opinions. Our recommendations are based on extensive research and in-depth analysis.


We have exceptional credentials in management, public administration, education and project management. We’ve worked for (and in) government, non-profits and private sector firms across Canada; our experience helps us understand your unique needs.



The research Clearlogic did for us helped us prepare for successful negotiations with important rights holders in our area. – Dumas Mining

They have an excellent understanding of the challenges of non-profit organizations, and they helped us move from an unsustainable financial position to one that is profitable and thriving. –Timmins YMCA

I would not hesitate to recommend Clearlogic to assist you with change management implementation and human resource services. – City of Kenora

This company has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of its communication, performance and project management. – The City of Timmins

Our Board and the staff here have been consistently impressed with the outcomes of their work. –Community Living Temiskaming South