Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is like a road map for your organization. It describes your destination (the vision), how you’ll get there (your mission) and the things you’ll do along the way (strategic directions). When properly implemented, a strategic plan is an excellent tool for setting priorities and guiding decision-making – it tells your team not only “what’s in,” but also “what’s out.” When your resources are limited and you’re trying to do more with less, you can’t afford to do everything: you need to make some decisions about how you’ll allocate your resources, and a strategic plan is one of the best investments you can make to improve your performance.

At Clearlogic, we have more than fifteen years of experience helping non-profit and for-profit entities with their plans. Organizations undergoing strategic planning need a customized, engaging  process that responds to their unique challenges, timetable, and budget, and we can help with that.


How we can help


  • Vision and mission statement development
  • Environmental scans and SWOT analyses
  • Expansion and growth strategies
  • Business planning
  • Facilitation and process consultation [Learn More]
  • Stakeholder analysis [Learn More]

Why choose Clearlogic?


We provide an independent and honest perspective.


We don’t just give you opinions. Our recommendations are based on extensive research and in-depth analysis.


We have exceptional credentials in management, public administration, education and project management. We’ve worked for (and in) government, non-profits and private sector firms across Canada; our experience helps us understand your unique needs.



The research Clearlogic did for us helped us prepare for successful negotiations with important rights holders in our area. – Dumas Mining

They have an excellent understanding of the challenges of non-profit organizations, and they helped us move from an unsustainable financial position to one that is profitable and thriving. –Timmins YMCA

I would not hesitate to recommend Clearlogic to assist you with change management implementation and human resource services. – City of Kenora

This company has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of its communication, performance and project management. – The City of Timmins

Our Board and the staff here have been consistently impressed with the outcomes of their work. –Community Living Temiskaming South