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There are many different surveys employers can administer to employees in order to measure job satisfaction. Some surveys are simple, while others are more detailed; choosing the correct scale depends on your goals, your staffing situation, and the current state of interaction among your employees. Here are a few examples of surveys that are proven to provide solid measurements of job satisfaction.


Kunin Faces Scale

One of the simplest global measurement scales, otherwise known as a one-question scale, is the Kunin Faces Scale. Participants respond to the question by choosing a facial expression that best matches how they feel about their jobs. The faces represent a range of emotions: happy, sad, angry, indifferent, etc. This is a widely used scale, but it does little to help managers understand why employees feel a particular way, or suggest how to address any workplace issues.1



A more nuanced means of measuring job satisfaction is through a relatively new scale known as BIAJ. It is a four-question scale that includes items like “Most days I am enthusiastic about my job” and “I find real enjoyment in my job.”2


Specter’s Job Satisfaction Survey

An even more detailed and often-used scale is Specter’s Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS). JSS measures nine facets of job satisfaction, including pay, supervision, nature of work, communication and co-workers. This scale, while more elaborate, provides results that allow managers to identify aspects of job satisfaction that are good, as well as those that need improvement.3


No matter how managers choose to measure job satisfaction, one thing is clear — measuring employee satisfaction and adapting accordingly could result in many long-term benefits for the organization. Read The Job is More Important than the Pay for details.


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