Needs Assessments

A needs assessment is a systematic exploration and analysis of “the way things are” and “the way things ought to be.” Sometimes this is called “gap analysis.”


This type of research helps groups understand the nature and extent of problems, gathers relevant information and identifies areas where services can be improved or enhanced. Ultimately, this helps organizations determine if they can meet their stakeholders’ needs, and, if not, to plan accordingly. Our firm can also work with you to develop the work plan and implementation processes necessary to address the gaps. See the StrategicPlanning section of our site for more information.


We use a variety of techniques to assess organizational or community needs, including:

  • surveys
  • focus groups
  • interviews
  • public consultations
  • asset mapping
  • comparative research

Why choose Clearlogic?


We provide an independent and honest perspective.


We don’t just give you opinions. Our recommendations are based on extensive research and in-depth analysis.


We have exceptional credentials in management, public administration, education and project management. We’ve worked for (and in) government, non-profits and private sector firms across Canada; our experience helps us understand your unique needs.



The research Clearlogic did for us helped us prepare for successful negotiations with important rights holders in our area. – Dumas Mining

They have an excellent understanding of the challenges of non-profit organizations, and they helped us move from an unsustainable financial position to one that is profitable and thriving. –Timmins YMCA

I would not hesitate to recommend Clearlogic to assist you with change management implementation and human resource services. – City of Kenora

This company has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of its communication, performance and project management. – The City of Timmins

Our Board and the staff here have been consistently impressed with the outcomes of their work. –Community Living Temiskaming South