Stakeholder consultations are an essential part of managing change. There is a positive relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and performance. We'll help you build the knowledge you need to improve your performance. Strategic plans help focus and prioritize limited resources. Retaining employees costs much less than finding new ones. Touch base with a job satisfaction survey. Develop the community, and economic development will follow.


The Clearlogic team helped us pinpoint and repair some workplace culture issues that were affecting our service delivery. We’re now back on track.

We now have a better understanding of how to offer CSR programs that are aligned with our business goals.

The research Clearlogic did for us helped us prepare for successful negotiations with important rights holders in our area.

The process Clearlogic led us through is the first time we’ve understood how to actually integrate a strategic plan into what we do every day.

“The Corporate Sustainability Plan Maggie developed was on point, professional and practical.”

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A facilitator is a neutral party who helps groups visualize their future, create buy-in, and develop shared goals. Facilitators are skilled communicators and big-picture thinkers. They are able to build consensus using a variety of…

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Change Management

  Every organization has a unique structure, history, workforce and culture. That can make it hard to anticipate and carry out change. Yet all organizations need to be flexible to compete effectively, and to deal with challenges…


Board Governance

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Community Development

We help communities plan for the future, manage change and become more resilient. Whether it’s a strategic plan, needs assessment or organizational review, we have the resources and expertise to help. Our team has front-line…